Welcome to the Class 8 Fund-raising boutique

Christmas Cards and Decorations

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What we do and How it works

As the oldest year group attending the Waldolf School of SW London, every year Class 8 participate in a fundraising effort to raise finance towards the final class trip.  This year we hope that you will find many helpful ideas towards making christmas easier for you. We plan to bring you a variety of quirky offerings including christmas cards and other accessories.  We intend to extend our range after the christmas period to cater for other occasions, we aim for this to be a place for one off customised handmade and recycled items.   How it works: you email us with your order and we send you an email confirming your order and delivery date.  You then send the total amount of your shopping basket to Shelia, who will issue you with a receipt.  The school office will be the central pick up point. Happy Shopping!